The Big 2-0! Guelphonography - SG Photo Challenge #20


Congratulations on reaching another milestone, fellow shooters! We have reached Sharp Goat Photo Challenge #20 and therefore we must do something special for it.

And by special I mean completely piggy-back on another photo challenge. 

You may have already heard of the Guelphonography contest that is held annually here in our city. The challenge is to use your iPhone, Android, Galaxy, Windows Phone (does anyone really have one?) to take amazing shots that capture Guelph in all of its beauty and awe.

There are 3 main categories to enter your photos into:

1. guelphlandia - show us Guelph’s personality; the people, the places and things that make Guelph… Guelph.

2. downtownguelph - show us what’s up downtown; the shops, restaurants, nightlife, and characters on Carden, Quebec, Wyndham, Woolwich, Wilson, Macdonnell and more

3. visitguelph - show us around town; stroll the trails, paddle the river, eat tasty, local food, catch a game or check out a band

Judges will choose photos from each category to be awarded with a prize. The contest runs from July 21 - August 22nd, 2014.

Since the Guelphonography challenge has so much in common with the Sharp Goat Challenge in that it encourages creativity and improving your photography skills, it makes sense to do some cross-promotion and get Sharp Goaters involved in it, as well.

There are also weekly mini-challenges being run just for fun and to keep active with your photography. This week's challenge is to take a #Guelphie of yourself, which is essentially a selfie of you but taken at a beautiful spot or landmark around town. These mini-challenges are not part of the contest, but they make for great exercises.

On Sept. 26th there is an exhibit where selected prints of photos will be displayed and winners will be announced. It's a great time and you get to put faces to all of these friendly photography enthusiasts.

So the SG Photo Challenge this week is two-fold:

- Take on the Guelphonography challenge by taking beautiful shots of our city and submitting them to be judged (check out the official page for rules and guidelines on how to submit)

- Take your #Guelphie shots, tag them with the hashtag and they will be critiqued for the SG Photo Challenge also.

To submit your Guelphonography shots, click here

To submit your #Guelphies for the SG Photo Challenge, simply post them on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook with the hashtag. Shots posted before July 27th will be included in the critique video.

Happy shootin'!