SG Photo Challenge #14 - Your Totem

Cue the loud BWONG noise!

This week's challenge requires a personal touch from you. Have you ever seen the movie Inception? We'll be taking a page out of Nolan's handiwork and using what is referred to as a totem in our photographs this week.

What is a totem, you may ask? You can click on the link for the Inception-based answer but for our uses here is another definition: a totem is an object, usually small in size, that speaks to the bearer's personality. It could be something that has a personal connection with you, like Lisa's locket that she shared in the Think Macro challenge (seen below)...

...or it could just be an interesting object that you enjoy the look of. Whatever you choose to be your totem, you are going to take it with you and include it in your shots for this week's challenge.

Your shots can be of WHATEVER you like, but include your totem in the image somewhere.

You can find clever, humourous ways to place it in your shots or keep it simple. Try different times of day, different light setups and different types of locations. Each shot can be individual of one another or they can even make up a sequence, depending on what you decide to do.

Submissions should be in by Noon on Sunday May 25th. Post this challenge around to show people what you are involved in and invite them to join, as well.

Happy hunting!