Announcing the Sharp Goat Photo Challenge

50 photo challenges to becoming a stronger photographer!

This is actually a personal challenge I was just going to do myself, but then I thought it would be more fun to get others involved.

One photo challenge will be issued each week on this Sharp Goat channel ranging from focusing on just shadows to finding natural patterns in your environment, from time lapse photography to street photography.

And then you'll be given a chance to submit and share your photos so that they can be put together into a video critique including the comments and thoughts of everyone involved.

It'll be a great way to get feedback on your photos, share your work with others and motivate your photo-loving butt to get out there and shoot.

Use the hashtag #SGPhoto and subscribe to this page to follow the challenge. A new challenge will be issued each Monday on here.

Whether DSLR or smartphone or P&S camera, all are welcome to submit. (In fact, using a P&S camera COULD be one of the weekly challenges).

Share this video with anyone whom you think would be interested in shooting and learning as a group and bettering their skills as a photographer.

Happy hunting!